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Tenique Designs is no stranger to the fashion industry in Tampa, as we have been participating in various fashion shows since 2013.  Some of the fashion shows we have participated in are:  Freeze The Runway, Haute Accessories Week 2013 - 2016,  Manatee Black Chamber of Commerce Extravaganza 2015 & 2016, Working Women Conference 2017, Runaway to Runway 2017.

Tenique Designs is geared toward persons who are classy, sophisticated and most importantly unique. Most accessories are designed for everyday wearing, but at the same time can be used to accentuate any outfit for any occasion.  Each piece has a unique design and Teniquesters (persons who wear Tenique Designs jewelry) can expect to see no one else in their jewelry.  We want our Teniquesters to feel confident and unique, without worrying about seeing someone else in their accessory. All accessories are designed and handmade by Nicolette Simms.

Accessories designed by Tenique Designs can be purchased from the fashion shows and events that we take part in and our online store.  One important feature about shopping with Tenique Designs is that you can order customized pieces for any occasion.

Tenique Designs is continuously seeking new ways for women (and now men) to uniquely express themselves through their accessories.